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Birthday Request!!


Hey it's Terry Royce your favorite Baltimore wholesaler.

If you didn't is my Birthday.

That being said, I have a rare ask of you on this Birthday. 


Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me today via text or Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. It is greatly appreciated. On my birthday, I have one small request 

(but one that will have a big impact).


While many of us are revving up to get back to "normal", there is a community in which Kristin and I have become deeply connected over the last few years that is experiencing a lot of pain and hardship due to the pandemic. Escuela Integrada in Antigua, Guatemala is a safe haven for the children of over 115 families. For many of these students, the two, nutritious meals they get at school a day make up most of their diet. Their parents are mostly day laborers who are unable to work during this time and who use the earnings from each day to pay for that day's food. There are no pantries, few refrigerators, and they've had intermittent 48-hour complete lockdowns where they could be in their multi-generational 12 x 12 house with 8+ people. People are literally "waving a white flag" to let their communities know that they are out of food or experiencing an emergency.

This is a concept so foreign to those of us used to living the way we do. Sure, we all have hardships, and they should be acknowledged. I also know that helping others during a time of uncertainty gives some stability in an unstable world.

So for my birthday this year, I am asking for donations that go directly to the non-profit We Are Graces, which Kristin & I are involved in.


 These men and women are on the ground in Antigua, getting food bags and setting families up for distance learning since there is no end in sight. $31 provides a food bag that feeds a family for 2 weeks. $100 allows 5 teachers the distance learning capabilities to reach over 90 students.

We have spent a good amount of time ourselves on the ground in Antigua and planned on spending the month of August there, leading groups and giving people trips of a lifetime. Instead, we're here, doing what we can from home until things allow us to head back. If it's in your heart to donate any amount, it will go a long way.


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and donations!

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